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healing revivals

4 July 2008

A recent healing outpouring has reignited the age old battle between the false revival crowd and the don’t judge crowd. The for and against arguments recirculate the news, blogs and conversations from previous movements. I believe two points receive less attention than they deserve: importance and purpose.

In seeking to Biblically approach this subject one must ask:

How important is healing in the Bible?

Looking through the scriptures we see:
– God is able to heal
– God is willing to heal
– God calls us to pray for healing
– God can use us to heal

Interestingly though, the Bible hardly touches on:
– How to pray for healing
– How to heal
– How healing works

The Bible seems to be preoccupied with:
– Jesus
– Sin
– Grace
– Faith
– Redemption

This begs the next question:

What is the purpose of healing in the Bible?

If healing is one of many topics in the scriptures, then it’s purpose must point to something outside itself.
Therefore healing isn’t the purpose of healing.

Healing isn’t the instrument – the Spirit is
Healing isn’t the message – the Son is
Healing isn’t the goal – the Father is

Healing can be used by the Spirit
Healing can accompany a message about the Son
Healing can point us to the goal of the Father

The purpose of everything is the glory of God

Healing is but a means to an end